Day 17: Back On Track Part II


And so yesterday was an exercise bust.

I know the excuse of another early car appointment should be the reason why I didn’t get my fifteen minutes in yesterday, but compound that with about two hours of mopping, and getting home around 8:15, and sure enough my exercise bike stood idle yesterday. Bummer.

Happily I am […]

Day 11: Why Do We Wake Up Grumpy?


This morning, after a series of little verbal pokes and jabs, my wife questions me as to why I am in a grumpy mood. She wonders if I slept okay, if anything is wrong, then hugs me, gives me a little kiss, and she hits the shower. It made me wonder, all morning so […]

Tons of Excuses, but…


So yesterday my BFF, also known as my fiance, asked me something like, “So, how’s that weight loss plan blog coming?”  And yes, I had to cop to the fact that I hadn’t posted anything in a while.  I could make a ton of excuses, like planning for our upcoming wedding (but in all honesty, […]

A Reply to My Coach: Part I


I was trying to figure out how to post this so that it wouldn’t be too long.  The goal of this post: Reply to an e-mail I received from my DirectLife coach.  The problem is that his e-mail is pretty long, and I know my reply is going to be pretty long, so I think […]