Here Comes the Heat


Today might be the last day for a good, lunchtime walk for a few days as the weather forecasts all show heat warnings coming.  It sucks as I’ve been doing really well this first week in, getting back into the swing of things.  I see two options on the horizon (well, three if you count […]

Day 15: Back on Track


I am back on track!

So Friday was a cluster-f of a day, and no matter how I tried, I really didn’t have 15 minutes to get on my bike, short of waking at 4 in the morning, which even I’m not one to want to do. I had the 7am car servicing appointment, I had […]

Day 11: Why Do We Wake Up Grumpy?


This morning, after a series of little verbal pokes and jabs, my wife questions me as to why I am in a grumpy mood. She wonders if I slept okay, if anything is wrong, then hugs me, gives me a little kiss, and she hits the shower. It made me wonder, all morning so […]

Day 10: Cruisin' Along


I believe this blog post will be shorter as it is Day 10, I’m on my exercise bike as I type this, it’s starting out as a great morning, and other than eagerly awaiting the notification that my Fitbit is in it’s way, knowing that I should probably start tracking my food again but haven’t […]

Day 9: I Like Mornings Like This


As a life goal, this morning is how I would like all of my mornings to go. I have a meeting that sets up my “wheels rolling” time about half an hou later, so things can happen at a much more leisurely pace, and doing my daily 15 minute exercise bike ride is a no-brainer. […]

Day 8.1: I’m on the Bike!


So I just wanted to do a quick follow-up to this morning’s post that yes, here I am on my exercise bike, and two, I’m only going to do 15 minutes today and not try to catch-up for the missed days this weekend because my legs are still tired from the moving furniture fiesta of […]

Day 8: What Happened to 6 and 7?


I know the title of this post referenced Day 8 of my plan to ride my exercise bike for 15 minutes every day during the month of November, and if have been paying attention to my blog you may notice that missing in this list are Days 6 and 7.  Well…

Technically today isn’t Day 8 […]

Day 5: Happy Friday, It’s a Little More Normal!


So here it is, Friday morning, day 5 of my 30 days on the exercise bike, and where am I? I’m on my exercise bike!

Happily this morning has been much normaller than the past couple, so today’s getting on the exercise bike wasn’t even a question. The only thing is that boy am I tired, […]

Day 4: You're Not Going To Ruin My Plan


My time is my morning time. This morning I let my wife infiltrate some of this morning time, but it was good and didn’t cause me any delays.

And then a business call came that I sillingly took, and for the 15 minutes I was going to try and exercise, he was in chatty mode, and […]

Day 3: How Did This Morning Get Busy?


Well, the voting got done yesterday, and I think it was my obsessing over a few election results here in Illinois that slowed me down this morning (How about our Governor race where in the end it might have come down to abortion and gay rights?), yet here I am, about 5 minutes behind in […]