Sometimes You Can Use a Little Push

And so it has been a long time since I posted, and pretty much my weight has been stuck around this plateau (I was close to busting out, but a bought with Ankle OCD is my excuse from breaking 200), and there are tons of things to talk about that have hit me over the past year, but let’s get to the basics…

Current Weight: Their scale – 215.2 / My scale – 211.6

This always confuses me as I do have a digital scale, and generally will wonder how it could be so much different because I’m not really wearing four pounds of clothes, but, whatever.  The thing is, with some reflection, I’ve been stuck. Yes, I should exercise more, and sure, I probably shouldn’t eat so much ice cream, but maybe some “help” will get me on a better track, even though the “help” pretty much tells me the same things I already know.  So be it.

So what kind of “help” am I getting? No, I’m not getting any surgery, no simple fix, but I’ve joined a group. I won’t really says what group at this time, I would prefer to go along with the program and see how things go, but it’s simple, it really involves the same things I’ve been doing just not very well, and maybe going to a meeting every week will really get me to kickstart my heart, or at least drop the few pounds to get me on the right track.

Will I post regularly now? I intend to. Will I finally get under 200 pounds? I intend to. Will I eat less ice cream? I intend to. Yup, that’s a lot of “intend to’s”, and the motivational types will say I should be using “will” instead of “intend to,” but right now it’s a goal, and the word I really want to use at the end is “did.”

This is my weight loss plan (sort of)… Get your own!

This One Got Away From Me

I’m not really sure what happened, but as it’s already Friday, and I’m looking back on a week that has gotten away from me, both food-wise and in exercising. I mean, the food side hasn’t been horrible, but I’ve probably had too many cookies and not enough fruit, but in the exercise front, it finally cooled off in Chicago, after what seems like a more than hot summer, I mean, resulting in perfect extended walking weather, and I didn’t go on any good walks. I think even my Fitbit gave me a look of “Hey, get off of your ass, Fatty, and let’s go!”

I could get into the various excuses, something that happened that gave me a little pause about my life (more in that in a later post), but all if a sudden it’s Friday, sort of my first real week of my earlier work hours that should lend things to a good exercise time, and I just blew it.

So I have a mission, and that’s to get back in track come Monday. Why start now and ruin a perfectly good, wasted week?

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Probably Shouldn't Have Gone for the Super Corn Dog

So I stepped on the scale this morning and it wasn’t great.  I walked a lot, did some actual labor, and felt fairly good, but I know the downfall this past Labor Day weekend was my diet.  Friday – not bad.  Saturday – Well, drinking the giant, small chocolate shake didn’t help.  Sunday – A little bit of liquor and the burrito could have been better choices. Then came Labor Day.

Breakfast – My wife made me pancakes, and they are good pancakes, and I put too much butter and syrup on them.  Then came the quest for a corn dog, and we found them at Naperville’s Last Fling, but the only problem is that a vendor had a “Super Corn Dog”, which is basically a foot-long corn dog, and it was yummy.  And that wasn’t bad enough, then came the giant plate of home made potatoes chips (and why not, let’s throw some cheese on top). And this was just lunchish food because then my wife and I had our own Labor Day cookout, with burgers and hot dogs, and she did the smart thing, having halves of each, while there I was, snarfing down burger, bun, dog, bun, and potato salad.

I’m not sure what happened, why I went crazy, but I paid for it, need to get back on track, and maybe it’s time to really clean out the basement so I can get the Total Gym back in commission.  Here’s to a week of better food choices, or at least in better quantities, and a week of better exercising (which is really going to be  tough).  Hope your Labor Day was a little better on the food side than mine was, although it was so good.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Is a Corn Dog a Good Food Choice?

Okay, I know a corn dog isn’t really a good food choice, and I hate to make excuses, but it is Labor Day, and nothing screams Labor Day, other than a woman in labor, like a carnival corn dog.  The good thing about the day is it looks to have a lot of walking around, so I’ve got that going for me, and tomorrow is a day to really get back on track, especially with the great, cooler weather on the horizon, so a corn dog it will be, and this time instead of an entire funnel cake, I’m thinking I’ll split one. And then try to walk more.  My Fitbit won’t lie, so I’ll know tomorrow if I’m really just fooling myself, or how I did.

Happy Labor Day!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Up Until the Milkshake

A quick post today, but my wife and I decided to split a hot dog and fries (not too bad), and we decided to get a milkshake, too. The milkshake was huge, and my wife bailed early, but there it was, in the car cup holder, and every time I grabbed for it my wife gave me that “You’re going to be too full for dinner, and you’re going to get a belly-ache.” And yet I continued to drink the milkshake. What is wrong with me?!?

But it was a good milkshake.

And so, with that, the rest of my day will be with a bloated belly and the knowledge that one of the days this holiday weekend needs to have a huge uptick in exercise or activity. Guess we’ll see how the rest of the weekend goes!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Here Comes a Weekend

And so Labor Day Weekend is coming, it’s a really hot Friday and that’s limiting my lunchtime walk, but it might be good as I have a feeling I’m going to need to rest up for a day of manual labor on Sunday.  It’s supposed to be cool, there might be mopping, fence repair, and crawling around involved – all which are probably better for me than just a walk.  The wild card this weekend will probably be food, as a family gathering might cause some overeating, and hey, who doesn’t like to eat a few too many hot dogs and hamburgers on Labor Day?

In my head my intention, at least for today, is to get on the exercise bike for about 15 minutes, especially since a dog walk is also probably out due to the heat, but we’ll see how the afternoon goes.

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!

205.6 - Heading In the Right Direction

So last month I set a goal – to be below 200 pounds by the end of August.  What it meant was a ten+ pound loss in weight – ambitious yet doable by most standards.  As the last full week of August came, and I was in the 206’s, I pretty much knew that unless I starved myself, or worked out three hours a day, that goal wasn’t going to happen.  And yet I’m still somewhat okay with the 205.6 because I’m back heading the right direction, my walking exercise regimen is pretty solid, and if I play my cards right, and maybe eat a little less ice cream, under 200 is an easy goal to hit by the end of September.

And so adjustments must be made, like posting here.  I sort of skipped August, instead using my personal journal to try to inspire myself, but then, as the month was coming to a close, and I re-listened to “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta, I’m like “Why don’t I just post that things out for the world to see?” And so I’m giving it a shot.  30 days are in September – here’s to 30 posts, even if some of them might be short and sweet like “I really wanted to exercise today, I really did, but I didn’t.  Boo on me.”  We’ll see how this goes.

So here’s to September – 30 days of posting, at least 5.7 pounds of weight to lose, and the leaves starting to change color.  Okay, I hate that last part – I suppose I’ll just concentrate on the first two!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Up With the Sun

With it being so hot here in the Chicago area lately, our dog, Milo, hasn’t been getting out as regularly as he should. And neither have I.  I mean, last week I did average 8,169 steps, or at least my Fitbit tells me so, but the only reason that really happened was because my wife wanted to do some shopping at the mall on Sunday so I ended up being a mall walker for the afternoon, blowing out my goal of 7,500 and hitting 14,385 steps for the day.  Yup, that means I had some crappy days, with the crappiest being last Thursday with just over 3,000 steps.

But alas, both Milo and I need to get some quality walking in while it’s still a little comfortable, especially since the weather forecast shows the 90’s and rain coming again tomorrow.  And so, for the last two days, it’s been me and Milo, up an extra half-hour earlier, and doing a nice two mile walk first thing.  I must say that I do enjoy the walk, but I also like my normal morning schedule (hence the walk getting in the way of yesterday’s blog post), but today was a little more efficient so here I am, posting my blog, and already into 4,650 steps for today, so I’m pretty sure the 7,500 should be a piece of cake.

Umm, cake!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Are We Allowed a Bad Day?

I knew it wouldn’t be a good one, and I did my best not to pay that much attention as part of A) Seeing what happens when I don’t pay attention and B) I didn’t want to feel that guilty about it until this morning, but yesterday was a bad day, at least in terms of being active.  Sure, I used the weather as an excuse, heck, my car thermometer even hit 106 degrees, but the truth of the matter is that I know I could have hopped on the exercise bike, I didn’t really try to get any “weird” walking in, then there was my diet, and it all started with my reading what should have been an inspirational Facebook post by a friend who managed to do a 3 mile run first thing in the morning.  But alas, my Fitbit says I only hit 2,529 steps, nearly 5,000 short of my daily goal, and I’m not even going to say what my Dailyburn said I hit on the calorie count, but let’s say the calzone I had from Maciano’s here in Illinois, well, although very tasty, didn’t help.

The bad part is that today doesn’t look any better as I’ve got an early meeting, a late dinner, and another heat warning for Chicago.  Okay, it’s been downgraded to a heat advisory, but it’s still going to be hot.  Here’s hoping for a little more diligence over of the weekend.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

I Need Some Sleep!

Yesterday I managed to get to 8,088 steps, beating my goal of 7,500 each day this week, and I have a feeling I’m going to have to borrow a few of those steps in the next few days as I’m running out of meaningless errands at a grocery store or hardware store (nothing like wandering around a Home Depot for 25 minutes when I could have been in and out in five), and taking each envelope to the mailbox individually to help out since the weather is still messing with my daily walks, and I just don’t feel like getting on the exercise bike yet.

But why do I need sleep?  Well, an interesting thing with the Fitbit is you can use it to estimate the quality of your sleep, and all I know is that my quality sucks.  I’ve always been a light sleeper, but with Milo having a licking fit (anyone got a good idea to relieve a dog from licking a skin tag?) in the middle of the night, and my staying up a tad late to begin with, my Fitbit says my sleep efficiency in normal mode was 91% and I ended up with about four hours and 20 minutes worth of sleep.  If I switch the analysis to “sensitive,” which is probably closer to how I feel this morning, it says my efficiency was 67% for a whopping nearly three hours of sleep. The sleep analysis is pretty interesting as you look at the graphical representation of your rest, and many a time I’ve done the “Yup, that’s when I went to the bathroom – I’ve got to stop drinking so much soda at the end of the day”, but last night it was Milo, licking a skin tag, and me being grumpy and my back being sore.  As a firm believer of Dr. Sarno and his thoughts on back pain, I’ve got some reflecting to do, some sleep to get tonight, and if I’m smart, one less Diet Pepsi.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!