Another Couple of Pounds Gone!

So weigh-in was yesterday at the Weight Watchers meeting, and low and behold I lost another couple of pounds! Woohoo! ┬áThat puts me down over five pounds so far, and I must say it feels good to say that, and I also must say it hasn’t been overly hard, but it’s a great thing that I’ve got my wife helping me out and cheering me on because it makes a world of difference. The other world of difference, I must say, is actually weighing my food, and than the fruits and vegetables, and it really gives a huge insight into various serving sizes. A serving of Kraft Parmesan Cheese – probably more than you think, while, and you can guess it, appropriate servings of meat, and I’m talking in the four ounce range, are much smaller than you want, but it has really helped, so at this stage, if I had one recommendation, it’s to buy one of those food scales, and start to see how much is too much.

Next week’s weigh-in should be interesting, as I’ve got two instances of eating out, at restaurants that are so good and so filling, but as I’m feeling good about things right now, I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. It definitely wouldn’t be too bad if I got my ass back on the exercise bike, but that’s a plan for next week.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!