Here Comes Another Weigh-In Day

It’s weigh-in day and I have one goal today – figure out if there is any difference in how much I weigh on my scale versus how much I weigh on the Weight Watchers scale. I weighed myself this morning, checking in at 205.8 this morning, and with my personal weigh-in last week at 206.2 that means I lost, well, sure, I know it’s .4 pounds, but that seems like nothing, really. The thing is there are so many factors (I didn’t poop yet, but I did pee) that I really have to keep my mind on the long term goal and that you can be a star every week. Then there is the fact that we weigh-in around 6PM, so my checking my weight this morning is really only for me. My plan, though, is to step on the scale right before I leave for the meeting, and actually write the reading down before I leave so that I don’t forget by the time I get there.

Wish me luck, I’m hoping for a little more than .4 pounds, but as long as I’m going in the right direction, I guess that’s okay!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!