How Many Points is That?

Okay, I suppose I should just come clean on what “help” I am getting to push me with my weight loss goal, because for the past week or so the postings are kind of vague on what I’m eating and how much. Some of you can probably guess from the title of this post, but simply put, a couple of weeks ago, I joined Weight Watchers. I’m starting with the meeting plan, my wife is helping along, and so far it’s going well because hey, last week I did lose three pounds, and my next weigh-in is tomorrow.

I promise my posts won’t turn into “Weight Watchers this” and “Weight Watchers that,” but you can guess that there will be some analysis of things, some discussions of what I like and don’t, and general trying not to make fun of things too much. The first thing I learned, of course, is this entire “points” concept, or I guess I should say “points plus” concept as the calculation of points changed a little a few years back, which, in basic theory, is just an easier way to count calories, although in a quest for healthier eating, some things have no points (basic fruits and vegetables), so loading up on apples and carrots is always allowed. It’s based on a foods fat content, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein, and in simply terms, is close to one point per forty calories of a food if you are in a bind trying to calculate points of something in a store and don’t want to look like a nerd, pulling out your smartphone to make a calculation. The nicer thing, though, is that I do have to say it is easier to grasp the concept of “43 points,” rather than about 1700 calories, but in the end it’s about portion sizes, and making better choices, or at least if you are going to make that choice that is a little more questionable, say, having a hunkering for an Italian Beef sandwich, if you can get the nutritional value from a website, you will quickly realize that a 5″ beef sandwich with no fries is about 10 points, so it’s probably best not to get an order of fries with it, and even though you may be hungry, don’t bump yourself up to the 7″ version or you may easily use up 1/3 of your points for the day, but the thing is, is you pay attention the rest of the day, you could.

So, today, I’m off again to eat 42 points today (I dropped one allotted point a day when I lost the three pounds, which kind of made me sad), and it started with a bowl of Cheerios and an iced latte – a total of 5 points, or should I say “points plus.” 37 more to go!

This is my weight loss plan (sort of)… Get your own!