At Least Four Servings of Fettuccini

Yesterday was a challenge on the eating side as, to try and help not always pre-planning a meal, it was time to test some willpower and eat out for lunch and dinner, and it’s not that easy. I was thinking about Subway, or Jimmy John’s, as they have some “healthier” options, but I was really craving a burger. I did some looking online and as an adult a Happy Meal from McDonalds isn’t all that bad when it comes to calories (420 if you substitute an unsweetened iced tea for the milk, although, yes, the fat content is pretty crappy), and it ends up being kind of tasty, in a McDonald’s kind of way. As an added bonus – a toy for me to play with, and this time I got me some Spongebob!

Then came dinner and it was really time to test some willpower as it was decided to have a chicken parmesan dinner from a place called Maciano’s in Aurora, IL. We love Maciano’s – They have a great variety of Italian food, give decent portions, and their pizza is awesome, but this night it was time to see how one of our old go-to favorites would work. So I picked up the chicken parm dinner, brought it home, and dissected things a bit. First, the chicken breast wasn’t as big as I thought, only about 7 1/2 ounces so splitting that in two for two servings was that bad, but then came the pasta and it was time to pull out the scale. I know it’s cooked, and had some sauce and cheese mixed in, but as we kept adding it to the scale, it became more and more abundant that there was a lot of pasta, and by best estimation it was a solid four servings, if not more. So it was time to split it up, and as I chopped it into four portions and filled up my plate with what was probably a more healthy serving size, spread out on a smaller plate it looked like a lot of food.

Sure, in the terms of food that is good for you, the Happy Meal and chicken parmesan dinner probably aren’t the optimal, but both were pretty filling, both were tasty, and at the end of the day I didn’t feel stuffed, and yet still satisfied some cravings I have had for a while that carrots and celery just couldn’t satisfy.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!