It's the Weekend, Don't go Food Crazy!

It’s the second weekend of being on a plan with a little help, and if this weekend is anything like last weekend, it will be another insight into the fact that it was usually the weekends that was destroying a lot of the gains I would make in my eating habits during the week. Not that last weekend was that bad, but as I tracked what I was eating a little more, and being honest about the serving sizes, it was easy to see how things added up a little more quickly on Saturday and Sunday, to the point of being way over what I should be eating during the day. Last weekend was good, just a tad over, but that’s okay because you can’t totally deprive yourself, and I believe that, but it’s still important to remember the portion sizes, because that can easily destroy the progress.

So, Happy Friday to all of you, keep up your good work on your weight loss plan, and…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!