Three Pounds! Yay!

So I weighed in yesterday and lost three pounds! Yay! The thing is it wasn’t that hard, pretty much just eating much more appropriate portion sizes, and not eating some bad choices that might have easily fit into last week. The other good thing is that there weren’t too many challenges along the way, temptations to eat crap, because it was a calm week with things being planned out pretty well, and this week looks mostly the same, except for maybe this weekend, but we’ll get to that more when it happens.

So this post will be a little short, but it did feel good knowing I lost weight, but the next steps will be to slowly shift to not having to even think about “What is the right portion size,” to just automatically knowing, and then the next, totally necessary step – adding some exercise other than walking. Time to clean out the basement area, check out the exercise bike and total gym, and set up a plan to get my ass in gear on them both next week!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!