It's Weigh-In Day!

So today is weigh-in day. When I went to the first meeting last week my scale said I weighed 211.6 and this morning it says I’m at 206.2, which would mean I lost just over five pounds in this first week of eating more appropriately. I am now curious as to what the scale at the meeting will say, and am also tempted to not eat the rest of the day so I can look more like a star when I get there! But, I know that isn’t the right way to go about this, so I will eat my planned meals for the day, and let the weigh-in chips fall where they may. I do plan, though, on weighing myself right before I leave, with my clothes on, so that I can get a closer approximation of the difference between our two scales, just to help me when I’m at home to get reading on par with the meeting scale.

So, wish me luck, hopefully I’ll get a sticker, and I’m quickly learning that my meat portion is much different than a healthy meat portion, but that’s a post that will continue, probably, many times as I continue posting.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!