This is the Right Amount of Food, Right?

As the weekend was going along, and I’m still doing well in counting how many points I’m eating with my generally being under my allotted points for the day (although Saturday turned a little rough with a couple of cocktails), the underlying theme that kept entering my head was that in the end, the first key to unlocking this being overweight thing has got to be a mental change in how much food is the right amount to eat. Yes, I know exercise would help in allowing me to each larger portions, but there is that mental block, when I put a piece of steak on my plate or piece of chicken, that what I’m eating is the right amount. You see, when I’m eating a steak, I’m used to a full-blown porterhouse steak, usually about one pound, taking up the entire plate, but when you end up with only about 4 to 6 ounces on a plate, the size difference is immense.  I’m doing better, though, especially because other things have a serving size that almost seems like too much (Kraft Parmesan Cheese for example), and in the end, when I’m done with a meal, I do feel satisfied, so I know, once that “This is the right amount of food” switch finally stays in the “on” position, this weight-loss thing will be a little bit easier. For now, though, that correct portion of meat still just looks so small.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!