A Treadmill for the Kitchen?

Yesterday’s meal making woes didn’t propagate into today, mostly because lunch today is the same as yesterday, and I kept Milo around the kitchen so he wouldn’t keep barking at me. It still took a little too long, about 30 minutes to put everything together and get things entered into my tracking app, and the other problem is that as it was a redundant day, and I didn’t have to think too much about “Is this one point or two?”, “Should I give myself a little more turkey than my wife for our sandwiches?”, “I wish Milo would stop barking at me,” so I had about 25 minutes to keep thinking I could better use the 30 minutes it was taking to put lunch together to do other healthy things, like take Milo for a walk or actually hop on my exercise bike.

With weird thoughts of exercising entering my head, I also started to wonder about odd things, like if you could somehow rig a treadmill into the kitchen so that you could get a decent walk while you are cutting carrots and celery? Sure, it sounds stupid, and I suppose you could just walk in place, and I also suppose if you slipped on the treadmill portion that having sharp objects in your hands might not be a good idea, but I was thinking about talk of a treadputer I read about years ago, and as I am wont to multitask sometimes, somehow getting a decent workout while making lunch seemed like a good idea. Sure, nothing will probably come of it, mostly just walking in place so I can add some steps on my Fitbit, but it’s always a start.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!