Sometimes You Can Use a Little Push

And so it has been a long time since I posted, and pretty much my weight has been stuck around this plateau (I was close to busting out, but a bought with Ankle OCD is my excuse from breaking 200), and there are tons of things to talk about that have hit me over the past year, but let’s get to the basics…

Current Weight: Their scale – 215.2 / My scale – 211.6

This always confuses me as I do have a digital scale, and generally will wonder how it could be so much different because I’m not really wearing four pounds of clothes, but, whatever.  The thing is, with some reflection, I’ve been stuck. Yes, I should exercise more, and sure, I probably shouldn’t eat so much ice cream, but maybe some “help” will get me on a better track, even though the “help” pretty much tells me the same things I already know.  So be it.

So what kind of “help” am I getting? No, I’m not getting any surgery, no simple fix, but I’ve joined a group. I won’t really says what group at this time, I would prefer to go along with the program and see how things go, but it’s simple, it really involves the same things I’ve been doing just not very well, and maybe going to a meeting every week will really get me to kickstart my heart, or at least drop the few pounds to get me on the right track.

Will I post regularly now? I intend to. Will I finally get under 200 pounds? I intend to. Will I eat less ice cream? I intend to. Yup, that’s a lot of “intend to’s”, and the motivational types will say I should be using “will” instead of “intend to,” but right now it’s a goal, and the word I really want to use at the end is “did.”

This is my weight loss plan (sort of)… Get your own!