This One Got Away From Me

I’m not really sure what happened, but as it’s already Friday, and I’m looking back on a week that has gotten away from me, both food-wise and in exercising. I mean, the food side hasn’t been horrible, but I’ve probably had too many cookies and not enough fruit, but in the exercise front, it finally cooled off in Chicago, after what seems like a more than hot summer, I mean, resulting in perfect extended walking weather, and I didn’t go on any good walks. I think even my Fitbit gave me a look of “Hey, get off of your ass, Fatty, and let’s go!”

I could get into the various excuses, something that happened that gave me a little pause about my life (more in that in a later post), but all if a sudden it’s Friday, sort of my first real week of my earlier work hours that should lend things to a good exercise time, and I just blew it.

So I have a mission, and that’s to get back in track come Monday. Why start now and ruin a perfectly good, wasted week?

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!