Probably Shouldn't Have Gone for the Super Corn Dog

So I stepped on the scale this morning and it wasn’t great.  I walked a lot, did some actual labor, and felt fairly good, but I know the downfall this past Labor Day weekend was my diet.  Friday – not bad.  Saturday – Well, drinking the giant, small chocolate shake didn’t help.  Sunday – A little bit of liquor and the burrito could have been better choices. Then came Labor Day.

Breakfast – My wife made me pancakes, and they are good pancakes, and I put too much butter and syrup on them.  Then came the quest for a corn dog, and we found them at Naperville’s Last Fling, but the only problem is that a vendor had a “Super Corn Dog”, which is basically a foot-long corn dog, and it was yummy.  And that wasn’t bad enough, then came the giant plate of home made potatoes chips (and why not, let’s throw some cheese on top). And this was just lunchish food because then my wife and I had our own Labor Day cookout, with burgers and hot dogs, and she did the smart thing, having halves of each, while there I was, snarfing down burger, bun, dog, bun, and potato salad.

I’m not sure what happened, why I went crazy, but I paid for it, need to get back on track, and maybe it’s time to really clean out the basement so I can get the Total Gym back in commission.  Here’s to a week of better food choices, or at least in better quantities, and a week of better exercising (which is really going to be  tough).  Hope your Labor Day was a little better on the food side than mine was, although it was so good.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!