205.6 - Heading In the Right Direction

So last month I set a goal – to be below 200 pounds by the end of August.  What it meant was a ten+ pound loss in weight – ambitious yet doable by most standards.  As the last full week of August came, and I was in the 206’s, I pretty much knew that unless I starved myself, or worked out three hours a day, that goal wasn’t going to happen.  And yet I’m still somewhat okay with the 205.6 because I’m back heading the right direction, my walking exercise regimen is pretty solid, and if I play my cards right, and maybe eat a little less ice cream, under 200 is an easy goal to hit by the end of September.

And so adjustments must be made, like posting here.  I sort of skipped August, instead using my personal journal to try to inspire myself, but then, as the month was coming to a close, and I re-listened to “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta, I’m like “Why don’t I just post that things out for the world to see?” And so I’m giving it a shot.  30 days are in September – here’s to 30 posts, even if some of them might be short and sweet like “I really wanted to exercise today, I really did, but I didn’t.  Boo on me.”  We’ll see how this goes.

So here’s to September – 30 days of posting, at least 5.7 pounds of weight to lose, and the leaves starting to change color.  Okay, I hate that last part – I suppose I’ll just concentrate on the first two!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!