Up With the Sun

With it being so hot here in the Chicago area lately, our dog, Milo, hasn’t been getting out as regularly as he should. And neither have I.  I mean, last week I did average 8,169 steps, or at least my Fitbit tells me so, but the only reason that really happened was because my wife wanted to do some shopping at the mall on Sunday so I ended up being a mall walker for the afternoon, blowing out my goal of 7,500 and hitting 14,385 steps for the day.  Yup, that means I had some crappy days, with the crappiest being last Thursday with just over 3,000 steps.

But alas, both Milo and I need to get some quality walking in while it’s still a little comfortable, especially since the weather forecast shows the 90’s and rain coming again tomorrow.  And so, for the last two days, it’s been me and Milo, up an extra half-hour earlier, and doing a nice two mile walk first thing.  I must say that I do enjoy the walk, but I also like my normal morning schedule (hence the walk getting in the way of yesterday’s blog post), but today was a little more efficient so here I am, posting my blog, and already into 4,650 steps for today, so I’m pretty sure the 7,500 should be a piece of cake.

Umm, cake!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!