Are We Allowed a Bad Day?

I knew it wouldn’t be a good one, and I did my best not to pay that much attention as part of A) Seeing what happens when I don’t pay attention and B) I didn’t want to feel that guilty about it until this morning, but yesterday was a bad day, at least in terms of being active.  Sure, I used the weather as an excuse, heck, my car thermometer even hit 106 degrees, but the truth of the matter is that I know I could have hopped on the exercise bike, I didn’t really try to get any “weird” walking in, then there was my diet, and it all started with my reading what should have been an inspirational Facebook post by a friend who managed to do a 3 mile run first thing in the morning.  But alas, my Fitbit says I only hit 2,529 steps, nearly 5,000 short of my daily goal, and I’m not even going to say what my Dailyburn said I hit on the calorie count, but let’s say the calzone I had from Maciano’s here in Illinois, well, although very tasty, didn’t help.

The bad part is that today doesn’t look any better as I’ve got an early meeting, a late dinner, and another heat warning for Chicago.  Okay, it’s been downgraded to a heat advisory, but it’s still going to be hot.  Here’s hoping for a little more diligence over of the weekend.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!