I Need Some Sleep!

Yesterday I managed to get to 8,088 steps, beating my goal of 7,500 each day this week, and I have a feeling I’m going to have to borrow a few of those steps in the next few days as I’m running out of meaningless errands at a grocery store or hardware store (nothing like wandering around a Home Depot for 25 minutes when I could have been in and out in five), and taking each envelope to the mailbox individually to help out since the weather is still messing with my daily walks, and I just don’t feel like getting on the exercise bike yet.

But why do I need sleep?  Well, an interesting thing with the Fitbit is you can use it to estimate the quality of your sleep, and all I know is that my quality sucks.  I’ve always been a light sleeper, but with Milo having a licking fit (anyone got a good idea to relieve a dog from licking a skin tag?) in the middle of the night, and my staying up a tad late to begin with, my Fitbit says my sleep efficiency in normal mode was 91% and I ended up with about four hours and 20 minutes worth of sleep.  If I switch the analysis to “sensitive,” which is probably closer to how I feel this morning, it says my efficiency was 67% for a whopping nearly three hours of sleep. The sleep analysis is pretty interesting as you look at the graphical representation of your rest, and many a time I’ve done the “Yup, that’s when I went to the bathroom – I’ve got to stop drinking so much soda at the end of the day”, but last night it was Milo, licking a skin tag, and me being grumpy and my back being sore.  As a firm believer of Dr. Sarno and his thoughts on back pain, I’ve got some reflecting to do, some sleep to get tonight, and if I’m smart, one less Diet Pepsi.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!