I Did It! 7,603!

It wasn’t easy, and my wife thought I was nuts when I started walking aimlessly around the house, but as I was 700 steps shy of 7,500 yesterday, I couldn’t end the day on a down note, so there I was, walking into the kitchen, back into the living room, up the stairs, and then back on the couch to watch the end of The Bachelorette.  And yet I still wasn’t there yet.

So, getting ready for bed and only 50 steps away, yup, I walked around the bedroom for a spell, much to the odd looks of Berny, and now Milo.  But I did it, and then had to get walk back downstairs, and there it was, at the end of the day, 7,603 steps!  I beat 7,500 and felt great, but then felt apprehension because it’s going to be a hot day again, and without some trips to the grocery store, or extra walking around, I’m not sure how I can get to 7,500 today without hitting the exercise bike.

Okay, that’s about it today, I have to try to figure out the 7,500 steps today, but have a feeling that it’s going to involve taking each letter individually down to the mailbox.  Now only the people around the office will think I’m nuts, or think we have a lot of mail today.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!