I Think 7,500 Steps is a Starting Point

I know the Fitbit people want you to do 10,ooo steps a day, but as I went through my initial week of really paying attention, my goal this week, especially with the swampy weather here in Chicago this week, I’m shooting for 7,500.  It’s not that last week was bad, most of the days were above 10,000 steps, but I had one day, Saturday, where I had 3,272 and even that seemed a little tough, and on a sort of average day I hit 6,430.  So, I figure, if I could get to 7,500 I’m ahead of my “average” day, because those 10,00+ days were with a 45 minute lunch walk and usually walking Milo as well.

And if you’re wondering, yesterday I hit 8,583 steps, thanks in part to a trip to the dog park for Milo and a lot of walking around the dude-pad as my wife had me moving pictures from wall to wall, trying to figure out where they would look best.

I hope all of you had a great weekend, will have a great week, and as huge as this starting point is, paying a lot more attention to my diet also takes center stage – more on that tomorrow – maybe.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!