Only 3,272 Steps Yesterday :-(, but I'm Okay with That :-)

Okay, fine, I only took 3,272 steps yesterday, and my goal was 8,000, but, I think I needed it, and today I’m already up to 3,394 with our early morning taking of Milo to the dog park, so I think that today I should be able to hit the 8,000 mark. Yesterday, there was a much-needed afternoon nap that yes, I could have been on my exercise bike, but after the long week, some restless nights, and some extended walking, today I feel much more energetic, and it’s not even the coffee.

I’m okay with yesterday, and in my head I was shooting for one day of relaxing a bit more over the weekend, but thought, yesterday morning, that it would be today, being Sunday, and instead it turned into yesterday.  There is still the problem with the oppressive heat outside, but with a trip to the grocery store today, some cleaning around the house, and maybe even a quick, 5 minutes on the exercise bike, so I’m hoping for at least the 8,000 steps today, and might even drive my wife nuts by walking around the living room in a circle this evening if I’m a little short.  I will hit 8,000 today!  I will!  I hope!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!