Being a Furry is a Good Workout, but I Prefer the Term Mascot

Yesterday things were off of the chart for me, and I’m feeling it today.  Yup, my Fitbit says I hit 13,256 steps and nearly 7 miles, but the thing my Fitbit doesn’t know is that most of those steps were done hopping up and down inside of an elephant suit.  Yes, for a few hours yesterday afternoon I played mascot for a local business.  I donned the elephant suit, hopped up and down a lot, scared a couple of kids, but for the most part brought shear joy to lots of little boys and girls.  It’s amazing the looks on some of the faces as they see a giant elephant, with the younger ones buying it hook, line, and sinker, while you can see a hint of skepticism in those just a year or two older, looking at me like “I don’t really think you are an elephant, but hey, you are funny anyway so I’m going to laugh.”

In terms of exercise, though, it’s a weird workout.  First you are wearing a heavy head, so it kind of works your neck.  Then there is the constant arm movement when you are waving at all of the cars going by, and trying to dance around and give them a show at the same time is great for the legs (and hence my bump in Fitbit steps).  Then there is the fact that it’s just plain hot inside the suit, so if you are looking for a great way to sweat off some pounds, may I recommend a mascot suit?

It was fun, I don’t see it working into my daily workout regimen, but for a few hours I was a rock star for the kids, and probably brought a smile to a few people driving home from a miserable day of work as they saw a dancing elephant on the side of the road.

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!