Yup, I Need to Weigh My Food. For Awhile.

So yesterday I went for a 45 minute walk, and a short walk with Milo, and scored 10017 steps for just over 5 miles according to my Fitbit.  It was hard.  Okay, it wasn’t that hard, but the 45 minute walk is a tough go every day.  As I analyze today, with maybe a shorter walk but a more active day, during this “investigative” week, I’m curious to see where things end up.  I won’t go into the 90% sleep efficiency number, more on that as I work to keep my blog progress coming.

The sadder side was my going back to tracking my food intake with the Dailyburn app.  I’m sure it is low, but at 2283 calories (and 125 of those coming from Cool Whip – don’t ask), I know I need to really get back to paying attention to what exactly a serving size is.  Part of my problem, yesterday, was that I bought a healthy container of nuts to snack on, which is great if you snack on them, but have you ever seen the serving size for nuts?  Yup, it’s kind of small, so instead of one serving, I had at least three if not five.  We used to have a food scale in the house, but the wife needed it at work, so I’m back to estimating, and I can tell I’m not estimating things too well.  It might be time to drop a few dimes on a new scale, hide my nuts after I dish out one serving, and I’m not sure how I’ll control my Cool Whip addiction, but at least that tub is gone so until my wife buys the angel food cake with strawberries with Cool Whip, I’m good.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!