One Step at a Time.

I had a couple of goals yesterday, on my way to getting back to healthy again, and the first was to write a blog.  Yay!  I did that one right away, so that was nice.  The other was to use my Fitbit and see how many steps it says I took in what I would consider a normal, non-exercise kind of day.  And my Fitbit said my total was 6,430 steps.  In the Fitbit universe that’s not horrible as the average daily total is 7,096, but it was probably helped a lot by a meandering trip through the grocery store where they didn’t have any pita bread (What kind of major-market grocery store is out of pita bread?).  As I looked at some of my other “lazy” days, it tells me my normalness is somewhere between 4,600 and 6,000 so I suppose, in my sedentary life, I would say I take about 6,430 steps.  I would give a Fitbit comparison to my old DirectLife, but if you stop paying the Philips people, they stop your access to historical data, which kind of sucks, but more on that later.

So yesterday’s goal are complete, and on to today.  I have two goals today – one is to get back to tracking my food intake on Dailyburn (you can find me there at, and the other is to get outside for a couple of walks, one during lunch, and another with Milo, our dog, and see what my daily steps change to with a little more activity (you can find me on Fitbit at  My goal with this is to find some kind of happy medium as a daily goal for steps on my Fitbit, and work around that.  I guess we’ll see how it goes, one step at a time.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!