211.2 - Time for More Fun!

I’ve been trying. Well, maybe not trying that hard, and I almost got to 200 pounds, but I’ve noticed that lately I’m slipping back into some old, bad habits, and with that my weight is drifting back up.  So, I’m back! I hope.

This post will be short, just to get me back into a habit of making one, but as I stepped on the scale this morning, as I ate a few too many Cheerios, I know I need to get back into regular, more energetic exercise; I need to get back into doing fun things, like finally analyzing my use of a Fitbit instead of the DirectLife that I used to use; I need to get back into plugging my food into my DailyBurn app; and I actually need to start using, habitually, two iPhone app that I made.

More on all of this later, as right now I have to get to my day job.  It’s time to have a little more fun with this weight loss thing, and stop making it a chore.  If anything it should be interesting, but in a worst case, it’s got to be a habit, a better habit than some of the ones I’m back doing.

Off to work – have an awesome day!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!