I Think I Need a New Plan

2011 is here, and sure, I suppose I could celebrate the success of 2010, especially my getting married to my best friend, but for this blog it’s about my weight loss, and in 2010, my weight loss plan netted, drumroll please, 8.4 pounds.  Yup, according to my first post with my weight I tipped the scales at 211.8, and on New Year’s Eve I weighed myself, there it was, 203.4.  I didn’t lose 20 pounds, I didn’t lose 30 pounds, I didn’t lose 11.9 pounds so I would find myself under the 200 mark – Nope, I lost 8.4 pounds.

And I have no one but myself to blame.

It’s not that the pieces aren’t in place, it’s not that I don’t know what to do, nor what not to eat, but in all of it I didn’t do probably the one thing I really needed to do and that was exercise, consistently.  Yes, I had my DirectLife thingy for all of the year, and was please that I did, at least via green lights, see that I have gotten a little more active, but that exercise bike didn’t get nearly the use it should have, and I don’t even want to mention that I have a Total Gym that I think didn’t get unfolded.  And I hate to admit it, but probably the thing that helped me to at least lose those 8.4 pounds was the weekly mopping I do to help out at My BFF’s place of business.

And so 2011 has begun.  I read, or rather listened to a book called “Younger Next Year” at the end of last year, so this is the year for me to become younger, right?  The basis for the book is simple: Exercise 6 days a week, and eat right.  I know how to do both, but the key is to do it, correct?

I know I should start today, but I’ve been wallowing in weight-loss self-pity for a day, and think it will take one more day to get over it. I guess we’ll see if tomorrow morning, when that alarm goes off at 4:30, if I get my fat ass out of bed or hit the snooze button.

We’ll see tomorrow morning.

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!