Well, That Didn't Work.

And so, with my lack of posts for a while, it appears my getting on the exercise bike for just 15 minutes a day for 30 days didn’t work.  I could make excuse after excuse but the honest answer is that I just didn’t do it.  But as we get upon a New Year, yup, like most of you, I’m getting that “Let’s make a goal for 2011 to get in shape!” mode.

And so I sit here, trying to get a jump on things, with a vegetable mix and some Chobani yogurt.

I’m also thinking a lot about a book I listened to called “Younger Next Year,” recommended by a dude I follow on Twitter, recommending six days a week of exercising, and it sounds great in my head, but I just need to stop making excuses on that, too.

And I’m also thinking about the Fitbit I have in my pocket.  I finally got mine, after pretty much a year, and a trial run of the DirectLife dongle.  So I’ve also got that heading into the new year.

And I’m also thinking about consolidation, about being more efficient, about not playing as much Cityville and devoting more time to other things I enjoy.

And I’m also thinking I need to stop thinking a little less and just start doing.

And so, going into 2011 I’ve already got a lot on my plate – or at least in my head.  I’ve got three days to organize it all – Good luck to me!

2011 is knocking at my door, and I’m almost afraid to answer it.  But, I know I will.  I hope she’s nice to me!

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!