Day 15: Back on Track

I am back on track!

So Friday was a cluster-f of a day, and no matter how I tried, I really didn’t have 15 minutes to get on my bike, short of waking at 4 in the morning, which even I’m not one to want to do. I had the 7am car servicing appointment, I had work, I had getting Milo out for an extended walk, and then it was mopping night for the business my BFF owns. Between the extended dog walking and the mopping, I didn’t feel that bad about it, but I did miss it which I think is the better sign.

And as far as the weekend, I haven’t had one in a while, but for a change it was just a nice two days of relaxation, and I did think about hopping on the bike, but for how refreshed and ready to go that I feel this morning, I’m thinking staying off of the bike was a good thing!

Tomorrow does pose another challenge, however, as oddly enough the day is shaping to be a repeat of
Friday with my car needing to go back in, and another mopping night. Will I squeeze in 15 minutes on the bike? We’ll have to wait and see because…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!