Day 11: Why Do We Wake Up Grumpy?

This morning, after a series of little verbal pokes and jabs, my wife questions me as to why I am in a grumpy mood. She wonders if I slept okay, if anything is wrong, then hugs me, gives me a little kiss, and she hits the shower. It made me wonder, all morning so far, even as I’m typing this while riding my exercise bike, why do we sometimes just wake up in a grumpy mood?

I mean, I think I slept okay? I only got up to pee one time, I fell asleep rather quickly last night while in a pretty good mood, the alarm clock didn’t come as a surprise, but there I was, and still am, in all of my grumpiness.

I guess the one thing I can say is that at least I didn’t let this grumpy spell get in the way of my 30 day goal, I’m just wondering when the tide of grumpy begins to wane, because I generally don’t like it.

Maybe saying this will help, “Grumpiness, I command you, be gone!”

Shit, it didn’t work. Oh well,…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!