Day 8: What Happened to 6 and 7?

I know the title of this post referenced Day 8 of my plan to ride my exercise bike for 15 minutes every day during the month of November, and if have been paying attention to my blog you may notice that missing in this list are Days 6 and 7.  Well…

Technically today isn’t Day 8 yet because as of typing this around Noon I haven’t ridden my exercise bike yet today.  This morning was crap, I was running even too late for me to get to work, and I put in my head that along with cleaning the shower, going grocery shopping, making dinner, and walking the dog, that tonight I will get on that bike!  I will have a Day 8 supplemental post by the end of the day.

As far as Days 6 and 7, I have to admit that I did skip them.  My reasons are part legitimate, but also part slacker.  The part legitimate part is the fact that on Saturday, at least at the beginning of the day, I could barely move.  The reason for this is that the night before was spent, for about 3 1/2 hours, I was moving 10 rooms of furniture around at the place my wife works at in preparation for some floor waxing. On Saturday my back, legs, arms, and head were all sore.  There was a little bright spot on Day 6, though, and that was that later in the day, after things loosened up a bit, we did have lovely walk with our dog.

Day 7, well, in conjunction with moving the furniture on Friday night, Sunday was the day of moving it back, and instead of 3 1/2 hours of work, it was about 6 hours as things needed to be done a little more gently, what with the newly waxed floors, so all of the soreness that went away by the end of Saturday was not back.

And yes, there was a little bit of slackerdome, because in truth I could have powered through, sometime during the two days, with my 15 minutes on the exercise bike, but it just didn’t happen.  I’m debating whether I should penalize myself by riding 30 minutes for two days this week, but then, I guess, by that rationale, I could just ride my exercise bike for 7 1/2 hours on one Saturday and say I did all of my riding for one month.

So, I’m looking to get back on the bike tonight, so for now it’s a patience to make sure I don’t screw that up.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!