Day 4: You're Not Going To Ruin My Plan

My time is my morning time. This morning I let my wife infiltrate some of this morning time, but it was good and didn’t cause me any delays.

And then a business call came that I sillingly took, and for the 15 minutes I was going to try and exercise, he was in chatty mode, and I had to work to make sure I listened and not just stew about how he was interrupting what is now becoming 15 minutes of a little bit of stress release therapy.

And so, today, my day will be off to a 15 minute late start, because dammit, I’m still doing my 15 minutes on my exercise bike, and it’s my fault for answering the phone. Work-life balance seems to be a rallying call these days, and I’m trying to take that call. I should have skipped that other call and called him back later.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!