Day 3: How Did This Morning Get Busy?

Well, the voting got done yesterday, and I think it was my obsessing over a few election results here in Illinois that slowed me down this morning (How about our Governor race where in the end it might have come down to abortion and gay rights?), yet here I am, about 5 minutes behind in my morning schedule but still committed to my 15 minutes on my exercise bike. I can’t say that I’m feeling any more fitter, but I am proud that I haven’t given in to just “blowing it off.”

As I’m approaching mid-week, though, and I don’t want to get all crazy, but I do have to reconnect with tracking my food (I’m still, sometimes, using my Daily Burn tracking, but eagerly awaiting Fitbit to push out their iPhone app, and also send me my Fitbit for that matter, and yes, that means I’m going to be shifting from my DirectLife thingy to a Fitbit, but will report more on that later), as I know I’ve been eating a little too much lately, and really don’t want to be on a bad track heading into this Thanksgiving season.

Well, my 15 minutes on the exercise bike is almost up, I’ve got some quick scurrying around to get back on my morning track, so I guess I’ll just wrap up this post saying…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!