Day 2: Vote or Exercise or Both

I was debating this morning whether to use my civic duty to go and vote as my excuse to skip my 15 minutes on my exercise bike this morning, but low and behold, here I am pedaling away as I type this post, and in the back of my mind pondering my final election decisions. So, I will officially have day 2 under my belt, still plan on voting (Don’t even get me started on this subject, except to say that all the flurry of phone calls from the Democrats to get me to vote, well, all that accomplished was to piss me off and consider voting for the other guy out of less pissed-off-ed-ness).

And I know it’s only day 2, and I don’t see day 3 being any easier, especially if our dog, Milo, decides he really wants some attention at 2 in the morning, but I really want to just get through this first seven days without caving into a Kane excuse. Here’s to not caving!

This is my weight loss plan… Get you own!