A 30 Day Month is Coming!

As I’ve been listening to a book called “The Power of Less,” one of the things brought up by the author, Leo Babauta, is working on a habit, and doing it in 30 days.  I’ve always loved the 30 day concept, and it has helped me throughout the years, and with November coming up, my wedding over, things getting a little bit back to normal, and my needing to increase my exercise level a bit, as I was listening to the book I decided that a simple habit to re-institute is my exercise bike riding in the morning, and sure I could start today, but what better thing to do than to see the starting line, this time it working out perfectly with a 30 day month starting on a Monday, and knowing I need to get back into that groove.

The other thing that is in the way right now is that my basement area, where my exercise bike is, is, well, kind of messy.  So today I decided my exercise habit kicks back into gear on Monday, which gives me enough time to straighten up the basement area.

I kept blowing off getting back on the exercise bike, mostly because I forgot about a 30 day plan, okay, really because I just kept making excuses, but all of a sudden I’ve got some drive, I’ve got some energy, I’m almost looking forward to cleaning up the basement, and come Monday (It’s not just a Jimmy Buffett song anymore) it’s the 1st of a 30 day month which works out perfectly for a 30 day plan, at least in my head.

So here’s looking to cleaning my basement, here’s to eating Halloween candy, here’s coming a 30 day month, and exercise bike, you better be ready for Monday because I’m ready for you! I hope.

This is my weight loss plan…   Get your own!