Has Anyone Seen My Gumption?

I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, and I know I keep posting that I’m going to get back to posting, so for this post, I’m not making any claims, just some thoughts that have been running through my head lately, in the hopes of getting back on track…

One thing, at least for the last couple of days, is I seem to have lost my gumption.  I’ve been finding myself in a funk, thinking about too many things and, I think, letting them drag me down instead of just letting them roll off my back like I probably should.  This, in turn, makes any desire to exercise just flow right out of my left foot and down the drain, but luckily it hasn’t affected my weight, yet. It’s still stuck around 203, but I do notice that the lethargy is compounding.

So the lethargy is compounding, and I don’t even know if that is a word/appropriate statement, but it rolls in to the fact that I haven’t had the desire to do much of anything.  Sure, I’m maintaining a little project here, a little writing there, but in terms of “fire in the belly” motivation, a.k.a. what I call “gumption,” my fire is smoldering and needs some more wood.  It’s out there, I just have to plow through this, grab some kindling, and restart the the flames.

And as I’m letting my stream of thought just go right now for this post, I know when I started this journey to lose weight I debated between two devices to help, one being a Fitbit, and the other a thing called DirectLife.  I opted for DirectLife at the time, mostly because the Fitbit was backordered, and have been happy with it, but recently someone I follow on Twitter (twitter.com/bfeld) sent out an automated Tweet notifying the world, or at least his followers, how he did last week using his Fitbit.  It talked about calories burned, miles walked, steps, and I thought “Damn, I want my twitter followers to see that, too!” Sadly, the DirectLife thingy/people are building their own social network, instead of utilizing the giant behemoths out there, and you would think Philips (the makers of DirectLife) would be all over this, because nothing screams easy marketing like a mass-sent tweet.  So I’m toying with the idea of getting the Fitbit again, except, still, they are backordered, only this time only until the end of September.  The problem is that I’ve got a wedding coming up, namely mine, and most every budget dime is geared towards that.  Hmm?  Oh well, the thought will probably pass, at least until next week when I get another tweet from Brad telling me how he did.  All I do know is that the first one of those devices that ends up with an iPhone app, well, I’m theirs for sure, at least until the other company makes a better one.

Oh well, just some random thoughts for the day.

I’m sure my gumption is out there some where, and I’ll find it, but until then I just need to stay away from the extra scoop of ice cream and park a couple of more spaces away from the door!

This is my weight loss plan…   Get your own!