Only One Pound

I survived my bachelor party weekend!  Yup, some friends of mine decided to drag me out of town and I told them I wanted to go to New Jersey, which seems weird I suppose, but Long Beach Island is a great vacation spot, and I got to stay on a private island!

It was an enlightening weekend in a variety of ways, making me even more secure in my desire to be married to my fiance, but the other thing I was proud of, at least in terms of lifestyle, is that I kept things in control, especially on the drinking side, and even a little bit on the eating side.  I’d say it’s because I’m getting old, but a couple of my friends seemed to be able to drink and eat like they were still 25 years old, but for me, I didn’t want to go there.  I stayed away from most attempts at feeding me shots, I properly paced my beer intake, and one night, instead of the steak, I actually ordered fish.

I think a lot of the walking helped on the weight side as, so far, it looks like I only gained one pound, and I would like to say I’m back in the exercise groove but it’s taking me a few extra days more than planned.  But I’m getting there.

I guess sometimes vacation time lasts a few days back into normal life time.

This is my weight loss plan…   Get your own!