Boom! Crash!

This morning we woke up to a nice thunderstorm, and for a minute I thought about taking the dog for a walk. Okay, it was probably more like a millisecond as the thoughts of Milo getting struck by lightning, or at least coming home looking like a wet mop, didn’t really appeal to me, that and the fact I had an early morning meeting and my day would have been totally rushed.

The problem for today is that it is also mopping day for me, where I help my fiancĂ© out, and that entails more rushing around towards the end of the day. That’s okay, though, because the mopping is helping my “guns” get more defined, and the person, or rather dog, who will be missing out is Milo because it doesn’t look like a walk for him will be getting squeezed in. He’ll survive. I just wish there was a “mopping” entry for when my DirectLife connects because the mopping is a nice, little, 45 minute workout.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!