I Don't Think Milo is a Morning Dog

For the second time this week I got my fat ass out of bed and took our dog, Milo, for a walk.  Many reasons are accounting for this.  For one, I’m trying to get back on a dedicated exercise/moving my fat ass schedule, so in lieu of scanning the news online while I have a cup of tea, I’m trying to get into a morning exercise groove. Another reason is that it’s been a hotter summer than last year, and Milo isn’t liking it.  I used to take him for a walk when I got home in the afternoon, but every dog person, including our vet, says it’s probably better to take Milo for a walk in the cool morning air or when the sun is going down.  And then, every now and then, I get a tweet from Cesar Milan, a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer, saying something like “dogs are diurnal,” and to walk them in the morning.

Well, so far, after two days, I’m thinking Milo isn’t a morning person.  Nope, we get outside and instead of his normal, “Yippee!!” self, for most of the walk he keeps turning around, sitting, and just generally doing everything he can to get me to turn around and go back home.  But, this morning, I stuck to my guns, and kept Milo on a short leash, and got us both in a two mile walk clocking in at around 37 minutes.  My goal is to try to shave our time by seven minutes, but I don’t know if his little legs will like it, that and I’m expecting a full-blown “You go for a walk by yourself, I’m going back to bed!” comment from Milo soon.  The key will be to not join him!

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!