Tons of Excuses, but...

So yesterday my BFF, also known as my fiance, asked me something like, “So, how’s that weight loss plan blog coming?”  And yes, I had to cop to the fact that I hadn’t posted anything in a while.  I could make a ton of excuses, like planning for our upcoming wedding (but in all honesty, our wedding planning is progressing at a subdued pace as both of us seem pretty easy to please, and in this weird way have a weekly gameplan that seems to be progressing along), working on my iPhone app (it’s called Make Me Smile!), working on a new iPhone app to be named later, and just generally other stuff going on in my life.  The truth is that I just haven’t been diligent in my postings.

My exercise stuff has been going okay – on the level of it could be better, but it could be a lot worse, and sure, I blame the heat wave through the midwest a tad, but hey, my townhouse is air conditioned, and I do have an exercise bike, so that’s just a cop-out.

So I guess this e-mail is kind of a “Hmmm?” I have this website, I enjoy the posting, but part of not posting I think also relates to the fact that although my general activity level has been good (I’m still using my DirectLife thingy), I know things could be better, and writing it down would end up being sort of an admission of my slacking a tad.

No guarantees, but a doctor visit might have kicked me in the ass a bit to re-focus some energy back here, back on my exercising, back on my health, and maybe just a little less on ice cream, or maybe a little less ice cream would be the better way to put it.

So, for today, I set a goal to write my DirectLife coach back (I owe him a bunch of e-mails – he’s been very supportive), do some form of exercising twice a day for the next seven days, get back to entering my food choices and exercising in my DailyBurn profile, and, oh, dare I say post at least once a day on this blog? Okay, I dare say, but in lieu of a full-blown post, I plan to at least Tweet about things.

We’ll see how it goes because…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!