A Beautiful Day for a Walk!

May was crazy, June looks to be crazy, I think I’m crazy, but in my days of trying to stay on the exercise wagon and sometimes falling off, today was a perfect day for a walk.  It was a blue-sky, 75 degree day, and as I was about to start a little project thru my lunch I simply say “You dumb-ass, take a walk!”

So I did.

And it was great.

I hit over two miles today, re-calibrated my Nike+ on my iPhone as long as the mile post markers are correct, and supposedly burned 381 calories.  More importantly it felt great!

Summer will be coming on hard soon, but a day like today just needed to be enjoyed, and for a difference from what I was doing in May, I enjoyed it.

I think the key for the rest of June is to remember today, my lunchtime walk, and how good it felt. Except for the flies – but that’s a story for another time if it happens again.  I hope it doesn’t happen again.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!