No, I Haven't Given Up!

When I Smile, Home of the Make Me Smile! app.I do admit I have been lax in my postings for the past couple of weeks, and yes, I have been lax in some of my diet tracking on the Daily Burn site, and yes, I have been lax on plugging in my DirectLife thingy (Thankfully it just keeps taking notes as long as it’s in my pocket, and I’ve been keeping up with that part), but I have been walking a lot, especially since the weather is a lot nicer here in Chicago, and Milo, our Coton de Tulear, has been loving it. I’ve also been working on a computer related project (okay, it’s just converting my Make Me Smile iPhone app so it’s iPad friendly, and I’m still having a few programming issues, but, such is programming when you haven’t done it for twenty years), so that has kept me away from my previous daily schedule, including paying attention to my blogging for both this site, and my Entertainment Ave! site, but with the conversion project almost done, well, next week I’m hoping things get back to normal, whatever that might be! So, crossing fingers, and hoping for iPad approval, then regular postings will return after Easter.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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