The Exception, Not the Rule

The weather broke (it was a gorgeous day here in Chicago) and I was curious, so today I did something I know will rarely happen, but might, every now and then – I spent over an hour and a half exercising.  No, I did not do this all at once, instead it was grouped into three blocks.  Block A was taking a walk at lunch.  My Nike+ iPhone thing told me I walked 2 miles in about 33 minutes, my directLife thingy stretched its legs, and then I had a nice lunch consisting of a peanut butter and jelly muffin, some cottage cheese, and some grapes.  Woo Hoo!

Then, when I got home, it being so nice and knowing Milo really needed to stretch his legs, I drove him to the park.  Two laps around the park totaled about 1.2 miles, lasted about 23 minutes, and my legs were tired.  But I needed to see something – On a perfect storm of an exercise day, and my not being a jogger, what would my directLife doo-dad register if I also added 30 minutes on the exercise bike.  And so, the 30 minutes registered the least on my tracker thing, but it did better than it used to, and much better than being in my sock.

So as of now, according to my DirectLife monitor, my activity level for today is 1,406 calories, which blows my Level 3 goal out of the water, even though I’m currently only supposed to be at Level 2.

This makes me happy.

The problem: Rarely will come the day when I have an hour and a half to exercise, hell, even today it was really tough for me to justify the half hour on the exercise bike when there are things that need to be done.  Yes, I know there are ways to supplement things during the day, but I do know, on average, the bad days will be nothing, the good days will be a half an hour, the standard day will be an hour, and the exception to the exercising rule will be an hour and half.

So even though today was an exception, it did show me a great level to shoot for, but also knowing that the level I’m really going to be comfortable with, and won’t get in the way of my daily life, will probably be around 1150 to 1200 calories on my DirectLife monitor. I think tomorrow might be a day to see if that is the case as I doubt the exercise bike will come into play, but I’m really digging my lunchtime walk.

And yes, I still owe my coach Part II of my e-mail.  I was thinking of typing it today, but opted for the exercise bike instead.  I think he might approve.