Under 210, and Holding! (or should I say dropping?)

In anticipation of my visit to my doctor today for a check-up, and with all of the extra paying attention to what I’ve been eating, and with the stepping up my exercise regimen, I was nervous stepping on the scale this morning, especially with my huge let-down a few weeks ago. But there it was, another magic number, 205.  Okay, the scale actually read 205.8, and that was only after I peed, but, and not to sound like a broken record every time this happens, I can’t remember when I stepped on a scale and it read 205.

So a lot of my work is starting to pay off.  It’s weird, because most of it is simple stuff, especially when it comes to the eating side.  I mean, if you analyze what I’m eating it isn’t that much different from when I was heavier.  The key here has been, I’m sure, the fact that I’m just cutting down on the volume of food.  Instead of a 1 pound steak I’m eating an 8 oz version; Instead of a Dagwood sandwich, I’m eating a nice sandwich with less lunchmeat, mustard instead of mayo, and this “thin bread” stuff that ends up having half the calories of normal bread.

And I know my exercising is helping, and yes, part of that is because of my DirectLife doo-dad, because I do like when I hit my daily goal, and I think I’m as close as I can be to getting a better reading when I’m on my exercise bike (my Part II reply to my coach will come this weekend).

So I hit a goal that sets me up for the big one, getting that scale to read 199.9 or less.  I’m shooting for sometime in April for that to hit, but if the weather keeps getting nicer, damn, well, it will still probably be in April unless I have some “Biggest Loser” number between now and the end of March.

In any case I’m feeling good, my pants are a tad looser, and the weight seems to be dropping just in time to buy new clothes for summer!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!