I Must Revise My Exercise Tracking

So yesterday I mentioned a bit about how I was disappointed in my directLife not accurately portraying my exercise bicycling v. my walking, and how I tried putting the do-dad thingy in my sock yesterday.  I did this because that is what they say to do.  From the directLife website: “We recommend placing your activity monitor in your sock. After rigorous testing we’ve found this to be an accurate configuration – just make sure to set your wearing position to ‘pocket’ in your settings. Now go pedal!” So I did that yesterday, and it sure wasn’t accurate, and then today, I tried it a little differently, with a little bracelet thing to put the gadget in a similar position to that of my pocket, and even today my walk with Milo, and my walking in the grocery store looked like I was bustin’ a move rather than pedaling feverishly on my exercise bike.  I have to say that this frustrates me a tad because part of why I wanted this version, as opposed to the FitBit (did I mention that’s a cooler name?), was that it said the bicycling would be measured closely to uber-actively exercising.

But it doesn’t.

I can’t say I’m totally against the concept of the directLife, and if you transfer yourself from being a little more active, to walking, to running, I’m sure things go off the chart, but for someone, like me, who enjoys my exercise bike and don’t have have money for a treadmill, for my supplemental exercising I am back to using my heart rate monitor and the DailyBurn website to track if I’m doing better.

Hmm?  I suppose I’ll have to do a full review one of these days, and maybe try a few different positions when I’m on my exercise bike, but for now I’m becoming disenfranchised with my directLife, which makes me a little sad because I do like the e-mails I get from my “coach,” and if I didn’t have a wedding to plan and pay for I might pop for the FitBit to fully compare the two, but for now I guess I’m back to my old methods of tracking my health.  Damn, I so liked when those green lights blinked that I was doing great when…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!