211.6 - S&#@

I stepped on the scale this morning and from the title of this post you can probably guess that it didn’t go nearly as well as I thought it would.  I would say that I’m perplexed, but I guess I’m totally not – I think my problem is my weight loss plan as is, because if I were to try to sell this plan right now it would be titled something like “How to Lose 0.2 Pounds in Three Months!”  Not really the greatest of selling points, but right now I guess the plan has been more of a “Do as I say I want to do, not as I’m doing” kind of plan, and it put me in a grumpy mood for pretty much the entire day.  Now I don’t know if it will be what puts me over the top, that finally gets me on the total track that I want to be, but today I re-instituted some things.

  • I’m back on fully tracking my food via “Daily Burn.”
  • I’m starting to not trust my directLife thingy that much if I ride my exercise bike because…
  • I put thirty minutes of high energy (according to my Polar heart monitor and the amount of sweating I did) exercise biking into my day, and that was after my walking the dog, and my directLife thingy (that they say you can put in your sock to record your exercise bike workout, but it didn’t work that well because according to it, my ten minute, very calm walk with Milo was much more energetic than the thirty minutes of heart-pounding on my exercise bike – I am a little flustered, I really wanted to already be at 100%, but I’ll digress and go more into the directLife thingy tomorrow after I try something a little different with it during my exercise bike work-out.)
  • I might have to give up ice cream.

Okay, I’m not going to go crazy and give up ice cream just yet, but I have to finally admit that I haven’t been paying as much attention to my diet as I should, I can’t rely on my directLife thingy (which I also have to admit that I call it my Fitbit, even though it isn’t, because Fitbit is such a cooler name, but I’m sorry, I digress again) to get my exercising level up to where I want it to be, and when I write my weight loss plan, I guess “How to Lose 0.2 Pounds in Three Months!” could be Chapter 2.5, with Chapter 3 being titled “It’s Okay to Really Start Your Weight Loss Plan on February 22nd.”

This is weight loss plan… Get your own!