Writing and Exercise Biking

So here it is, day 3 of Lent and day 3 of the “I’ll sit on my exercise bike for at least 15 minutes each day and see what happens” part of my weight loss program. I’m happy to report that as I’m typing this blog my legs are pedaling while my fingers aree tapping away at my iPhone screen, kind of a test to see how hard it might be to blog while I’m sitting on my exercise bike, and kind of a “well, I knew I should have gotten that TV set up in the basement so let’s at least do something while my legs are moving” thought. So far, so good, and I just looked at the clock and I’ve been pedaling for 12 minutes so far! Woo!

In any case it is also a Friday during lent and that can only mean one thing. Actually it’s supposed to mean a lot of things, but it also means it’s “Bring me that Filet ‘o Fish, bring me that fish day,” and since I am a person easily influenced by TV, for lunch I had one. Sure, maybe it’s not good for you (I might actually try, next time, to remember to tell them to hold the tarter sauce), but it was good, even if whomever put it together at the McDonalds decided to not have things stacked properly resulting in a fish patty off to the side, stuck with the cheese that is something like an adhesive, so you can’t make the sandwich pretty looking again.

But another weekend is coming, another weigh-in will be on Monday, and with any luck I’ll be on day 6 of sitting on an exercise bike and seeing where it takes me. Happy Friday!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!