209.4: Will I Still Be Under 210 Tomorrow?

So this morning was a milestone day as I stepped on the scale – 209.4!  I’ve gotten under 210 before, but this time it felt a little better because of the week I had of not exercising, yet exercising.  Sure, I’m still blowing off my morning ride on the exercise bike, but the snow day on Wednesday left me with tons of housework that got done, and with that a lot of being on my feet all day, multiple trips into the attic, and just all around moving.  Yesterday was another instance of a lot of mopping, which is great for my upper body, but sadly doesn’t register that much with my pedometer thing because my upper body was swinging around while my legs just stood there a lot.  But it felt good to exercise, even if it was doing manual labor, and I’m almost, in my head, really ready to hit the exercise bike.

To help me out I thought I might, tomorrow, take a look at my exercise playlist on my iPhone.  It might need some updating as I’ve bought some new tunes since the last time I looked at it (love that Lady Gaga), and even though the Black Eyed Peas are probably washed up by now, that Gotta Feeling song seems like it would also work well while riding the bike.

But, back to being under 210 pounds…  It felt good, but my diet wasn’t that great today as I did eat a little too much (some Thai food from a new place my fiance and I tried – the Curry was good but the spring rolls, she thought the bean sprouts tasted dirty), and with tomorrow being Valentine’s Day (I Love you BFF!), there might be a big hunk of meat and an overindulgent breakfast in order.

I guess we’ll find out how my food choices go tomorrow, but I might really have to start hitting that exercise bike to really break the 210 mark because…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!