I Know Skipping Lunch is Wrong...

I know skipping lunch is wrong, but today was one of those days.  I guess it’s not really that I skipped lunch, it’s just that I forgot about it.  That happens to me, sometimes, especially when I get so focused on whatever tasks might be at hand, and then, low and behold, it’s 4 in the afternoon, dinner is coming, and I think to myself “Hmm? Did I eat lunch? No, I guess I didn’t.”

I actually planned on eating lunch, something simple like a few slices of ham on an English Muffin, and maybe some Greek yogurt (I’m really liking Chobani Greek yogurt lately, even the blueberry flavor and I’m not usually a blueberry kind of guy.  It’s kinda like my liking Lifeway Kefir, but I guess I should stop digressing and get back to lunch – more about Greek yogurt and kefir in another post), toss in a few almonds, and bam, a nice little lunch.  But today was another snow day for me, and it turned into a lot of cleaning, much to my surprise.  I was planning on cleaning the bathroom, so that wasn’t a surprise, but then my obsessive disorder kicked in because while cleaning the bathroom I found myself in the basement, looked at it, and four hours later things were straightened in the basement, Christmas boxes were put in the attic, floors were vacuumed, and yes, the bathroom was clean.

Then it was time to clean my office, laundry was being done, and suddenly it was, yup, 4 in the afternoon and I didn’t eat lunch.

So I’m saving the yogurt for tomorrow, my directLife gadget thinks I’m a star today, but I from the feeling in my legs right now, well, I have a feeling tomorrow will be a sore day, and hopefully another snow day.  And hopefully, hopefully, I won’t forget to eat lunch, again.

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!