Should Super Bowl Sunday be About Dieting?

From everything I’ve read in the paper, to stuff on the radio, to things on TV, it appears that the publicity machine for the chicken wing industry was in full force because it seems like the only story that was out there over the last couple of weeks was that people will be eating chicken wings during every Super Bowl party this year.  Now sure, I’m a fan of the chicken wing, with probably my two, top choices being the basic Hooters wing, as well as a place out in New Jersey called the Pic-A-Lilli Inn, a.k.a., The Pic, but it was the year of the wing in the news media, at least in football food, kinda like a few years ago it was the year of the shark attack.  Me, this year, thanks to my fiance, it’s not the year of the wings, nor a steak, but chili will be the order of the day for our Super Bowl party, and she makes a great chili.  That’s not to say that we don’t have a back-up plan, because if, somehow, things go haywire, we do have a frozen pizza ready, and there’s also an Italian take-out joint nearby just in case.

Now I now that chili, chicken wings, pizza, or hell, just about anything people eat for the Super Bowl is healthy, but hey, it comes once a year, gives people an excuse to get together, and sometimes might make people feel enough like shit the next day to realize that maybe they should get a little healthier.  I’m working on my getting healthy, and yes, eating a little crappier on one Sunday out of the year fits in, because…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!